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Welcome to the official site of the Omaha-based EctoK9, or Terror Dog Unit, and its operator, a Paranormal Investigator and Ghostbusters cosplayer for charitable events.

The EctoK9 can often be found teaming up with the Ghostbusters: Nebraska Division fundraising for a good cause.

The EctoK9 unit at an event in September 2021.
The EctoK9's primary operator, CEO of D.Wolf Brands, Damian Fowler.
'We have the tools, and we have the talent!' - Winston Zeddemore, Ghostbuster
Trained professionals on staff 24/7.

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Charitable events, parades, community-organized events, & conventions; aside from our busy schedule of investigating the paranormal, we make time to educate and share our trade with the public.

Check out our Facebook Events page @EctoK9 for upcoming events. We'll also post notices on our other social media channels.

Did you spot us?

Did you see us at an event or responding to a paranormal call in your neighborhood? Make sure to share your photos and videos on social media with the hashtag #EctoK9.

Remember: if our warning lights are activated, be careful when entering an ecto containment area to take photos.

What is a 'Terror Dog'?

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Our drooling, barking, resident pooch; Meet Zuul.


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